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 Over 25 years Helping People
If you need help reading due to macular degeneration or other forms of low vision, then you have come to the best place for help. 

The Low Vision Reader is a computer system designed to help a person with low vision read print and read the Internet and email. There are millions of people that cannot read the Internet, local magazines, newspapers, books and much more due to their low vision.
Helping Seniors with Topaz EZ

Do you know someone with low vision that needs help reading?

The Low Vision Reader has the industry's simplest, lowest cost, desktop video magnifier, the Topaz EZ

For $1995.00 the Topaz EZ gives you these awesome features:
20” wide screen LCD
Magnification from 3.5X to 60X
Auto focus
Full color
Enhanced black on white
Enhanced white on black

The 20 inch wide LCD can move up and down, and swing left or right, to provide the best reading position for

those with Age Related Macular Degeneration. 

It is simple to use with four buttons on the front;
Green switch to turn it on and off
Blue dial to turn for color mode
Black dial to turn for magnification
Yellow dial to turn to adjust the brightness

Press the center button on the black dial and you can freeze the current image on the screen. 
It has a focus lock button to use
You can even turn off the LED reading lights if you like.

What is truly exciting about the Topaz EZ is that is saves you money.  Saving money is one side and everybody likes that, but the other side is that most people want something simple to use.  As technology has advance in the industry, we have seen more features added to technology, but the Topaz EZ gives you just what you need now.  If you need more features than Nebraska Low Vision has a whole inventory of the more expensive models with larger screens, and ability to interface with your computer.

The Topaz EZ comes with a with a 3 year warranty, and toll free telephone support.

Here is a link to its manual  that comes with it so you can read it.  Don’t worry the manual is only 15 pages and just like the machine, it is easy.

Nebraska Low Vision sells the Topaz EZ in the States Nebraska and Colorado.  Please tell everybody you know that can benefit from the easiest, lowest cost desktop video magnifier. 

PHONE: 402-905-2794


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